Definition of half-caf in English:



  • Denoting a drink of coffee with regular and decaffeinated coffee mixed in equal parts, so as to make coffee with half the normal level of caffeine.

    ‘a half-caf latte’
    • ‘They'll be liable to spill their half-caf low-fat soy green tea chai latte on your head.’
    • ‘Susan took a sip off her Venti skim half-caf one Splenda sugar-free vanilla extra hot latte.’
    • ‘She jumped up to take pictures of passing boats and sipped on a half-caf iced soy latte.’
    • ‘You'll want yours half-caf.’
    • ‘The average Joe who was happy with any old cup of joe a few years ago is now ordering a daily skinny latte (half-caf, please) and expecting every cup of drip coffee to be fresh and flavorful.’
    • ‘Up in my county, I have never spotted a celebrity, have never been sideswiped by a driver talking on a cell phone, wouldn't know where to get a half-caf latte or a copy of W.’
    • ‘My respect—not to mention awe—grows by the second as Denny, Moira & Co dish out the half caf half decaf triple semi-skimmed extra hot mochas or triple espresso companas with an ease bordering on the nonchalant.’
    • ‘You desperately want to stop for a half-caf non-fat no-whip mocha and a muffin, but you're off carbs until at least Saturday.’
    • ‘I have decided to give up that half-caf, extra-shot caramel macchiato I order at Starbucks twice every day.’
    • ‘Greenwald informs her readers that the couple served half-caf vanilla lattes at their wedding reception.’
    • ‘Since the arrival of the venti half-caf latte in the '90s, Americans have gotten used to the idea of the $3 (or more) cup of coffee.’


  • A drink of coffee made using regular and decaffeinated coffee mixed in equal parts.

    ‘he's down to about one cup of half-caf a day’
    ‘customers queued up for morning lattes, half-cafs, and mochas’
    • ‘Being on decaf (ok, I cheat in the mornings with half cafs) for the time being, I need milk in my cup.’
    • ‘Cut the caffeine: Settle for a "half-caf" or decaf.’
    • ‘I drank either total decaf or half cafs while pregnant.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, next door at Seattle's Best Coffee, a steady stream of customers orders lattes and half-cafs.’
    • ‘Try an occasional decaf or do what I do and order mostly half-cafs.’
    • ‘Well this was my final day of half-cafs and tomorrow it's on to decaf.’
    • ‘There wouldn't have been many ubiquitous 'drive-thru' Espresso coffee shops, routinely offering forty types of coffee, including a 'half-caf' - a cross between a proper espresso and a decaffeinated one.’
    • ‘It's just coffee qua coffee—it's not Blue Mountain Hazelnut Half-Caf or Sudanese Vanilla with Special Chicory Enzymes or any of that bushwa.’
    • ‘I have been doing half-cafs in the am, but it's going to be really hard to cut out the mid morning coffee and mid afternoon tea.’
    • ‘If you only knew how addicted I am to my no-foam half-cafs, you’d be giggling as hard as I am.’


1990s: from half + caffeine or caffeinated, on the pattern of decaf.