Definition of half-bred in US English:



  • (of an animal) having one pure-bred parent.

    • ‘Epistolaire will stand for $1,370 for Thoroughbred mares and $896 for half-bred mares at Haras de La Haie Neuve.’
    • ‘Curiously, Tipperary Boy was technically a half-bred, denied inclusion in the Thoroughbred Stud-Book because his sire, Royal Meath, carried strains in his lineage then considered ‘impure’.’
    • ‘The half-bred Connemara has a wicked sense of Irish humour and is almost more human than horse.’
    • ‘In the late 1860s and 1870s half-bred sheep were produced with English and Border Leicester and Lincoln rams and Merino ewes.’
    • ‘But perhaps the greatest beneficiary of all has been the Irish half-bred mare whose future in the mid-1900s looked extremely bleak.’
    • ‘By the second year, we had 8,000 Texas half-bred cattle and there were 3,500 works of English literature in my library.’
    • ‘It doesn't take any gastronomic skill or taste to burn wood chips in a dustbin under a lump of cheese, a rainbow trout or a bastard half-bred boar's leg.’
    • ‘In fact, I was beginning to despair that I would have to ride some half-bred draft horse.’


  • An animal having one pure-bred parent.

    • ‘Although they may not be eligible to be in the main studbook, half-breds may receive registration papers as half-breds and be eligible for year-end breed awards.’
    • ‘Examples that have survived to this day are the Shagya Arabian and the Gidran (Arab race or half-breds).’
    • ‘Today three types of horses are bred in the farm: Noniuses, Mezõhegyes racing horses (also known as Hungarian half-breds) and trotters.’
    • ‘I vaulted up onto the half-bred's back and trotted, then cantered and then galloped around the arena.’
    • ‘A comparison of 75 per cent, 62.5 per cent and half-bred lambs showed no difference between the first two, but the half-breds were 26 per cent lighter at both weaning and 11 months of age.’
    • ‘They were as much a part of their Magyar felver - Hungarian half-breds - as centaurs.’
    • ‘After breeding Arabian/Connemara half-breds for two years, we bought two purebred Connemara mares to start raising purebred babies.’
    • ‘The breeding of half-breds is a lottery, in which the percentage of prizes is small.’
    • ‘She was winner of a two mile heats race at Penrith at age three, of races for half-breds at Morpeth and Penrith at age four, of a two mile heats race at Dumfries, and the Hunters' Stakes at Northallerton and Lambton Park.’
    • ‘If the trade continued farmers could expect an average balance payment of over 30-40p/kg and a total clip value of 40-50p/kg for half-breds, Mules and Beulah or Radnor-type wool.’
    • ‘The survival of half-breds was similar to that of indigenous breeds involved in the crosses, but crosses containing higher exotic inheritance did show problems of survival.’
    • ‘There were half-breds, three-quarter-breds and full draft foals.’