Definition of half-bottle in US English:



  • A bottle that is half the standard size.

    • ‘Average yields are minuscule once the grapes have been raisined, but the results are luscious in the extreme, and are invariably bottled in a half-bottle.’
    • ‘The half-bottle is a useful, healthy size for light evening meal consumption.’
    • ‘This was just as well, as it took away the taste of the half-bottle of Chablis.’
    • ‘The bottle's low neck allows a tight concentration of stacked half-bottles.’
    • ‘Bearing this in mind, buying half-bottles makes sense.’
    • ‘Add a heady half-bottle of Siduri Pinot Noir or a complex, herbal Artadi Vinas de Gain Rioja, and contentment is bound to ensue.’
    • ‘Zola's 11-page list features an ample selection of half-bottles and wines by the glass.’
    • ‘‘It is an intimate bar featuring half-bottles of wines and a full bar for primarily the Air France passengers,’ Jones said.’
    • ‘The closest I have come to going on a bender in the past fortnight was when, while making a broccoli and Camembert soup, I forgot to cook off the alcohol from the half-bottle of white wine that went into it.’
    • ‘‘I only made 400 half-bottles,’ Eymael sighed, ‘and I've already poured three today.’’
    • ‘We were also brought the wine menu, in which we chose a half-bottle of Mercurey, a 1999 Premier Cru Clos des Myglands.’
    • ‘Although, with a nod to those drivers, mineral water is complimentary and there are many half-bottles on the wine list.’
    • ‘Though not a full-service restaurant, it serves decent snacks and, mindful of the solo business traveller, makes a point of its impressive range of half-bottles of wine.’
    • ‘Most are sold in 375 ml half-bottles (that's six 2-ounce servings).’
    • ‘I plan to drink a little Santorini Sigala, the dry Greek white, and imbibe my small annual quota of pine-pitch-flavored retsina from a convenient half-bottle.’
    • ‘We ordered a half-bottle of white wine, a Blanc de Blancs from the nearby city of Cassis, and a large seafood platter.’
    • ‘Another day, a waitress immediately poured out every last drop of a half-bottle of wine into two glasses.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, at Doncaster there were half-bottles of champagne all round for the Scottish owners of star sprinter Chookie Heiton.’
    • ‘They balance this against dispersion: half-bottles may go where full bottles do not, or go first.’
    • ‘This is to discourage customers worried about drink-driving from switching to half-bottles of mineral water.’