Definition of halal in US English:



  • 1Denoting or relating to meat prepared as prescribed by Muslim law.

    ‘halal butchers’
    • ‘The proposed authority will conduct medical and scientific studies and provide information to highlight the health and nutritional aspects of consuming halal meat.’
    • ‘They cohered around the mosque, the central symbol of discipline in their lives, and around the small shops that sold the spices, the lentils, the halal meat that made these towns feel like home.’
    • ‘It is, of course, very difficult to kill your own sheep en ville, and most Muslims purchase halal meat from slaughterhouses.’
    • ‘To cater for the school's high Muslim population, all its meat is halal and sourced by ECS in Bradford; fruit and vegetables come from a little further afield, from Rochdale.’
    • ‘In the front is a dep/grocery, where you can buy halal meats, dates from Tunisia, various spices, couscous and olives.’
    • ‘A group of West Australian producers has formed a joint venture with Malaysia, to supply the world with halal meat products.’
    • ‘You might also be interested to know that they only use halal meat.’
    • ‘And now the firm is looking to tender out contracts for ingredients such as halal meat, bread, fresh milk, eggs, cheese and yoghurt.’
    • ‘The State Cricket Association has made arrangements to provide halal meat for the visitors.’
    • ‘I am working here in a restaurant where halal food is served and is headed by a Muslim owner.’
    • ‘And when you want meat, you can just go straight to your local halal meat store.’
    • ‘The Grill offers hamburgers, as well as chicken, and is one of the only places in the plaza that serves halal meat.’
    • ‘You pass crowded markets with halal meat shops and women in burkhas and Sikh grandmothers headed to the gurudwara and Hindu mothers pushing their children in strollers.’
    • ‘As well as selling local produce and creating their own sausages and hams on site, their range will include halal meats for Muslims in the York area.’
    • ‘There are special requirements for the meat to be halal.’
    • ‘The animal's feed also plays an important role in halal meat.’
    • ‘The concept of halal meat remains hard enough for Muslims to define, but almost impossible for others to comprehend.’
    • ‘In response to the growing demand for halal meats, many enterprising Arab American grocers have in recent years set up halal meat markets.’
    • ‘We employ a team of Muslim chefs to produce centrally all of our halal meat dishes.’
    • ‘The Muslim woman from Algeria eats halal meat, the Zambian woman has never tasted shrimp - and the British man prefers shepherd's pie.’
    1. 1.1 Religiously acceptable according to Muslim law.
      ‘halal banking’
      • ‘My income is halal (acceptable under Islam) because I have been working very hard.’
      • ‘Is the lease payment that I am receiving halal or haram?’
      • ‘Shellac (insect secretion) is acceptable as a halal ingredient.’
      • ‘For a businessman, it is a religious duty to learn Islam's teachings about economics and halal and haram transactions.’
      • ‘He must also look for another halal job with the same intensity as an unemployed person does.’


  • Halal meat.

    • ‘Organisers hope to accommodate special dietary requirements such as halal or vegetarian food on request.’
    • ‘We will not ban the production of halal or kosher meat.’
    • ‘Animals killed for Muslim halal and Jewish kosher meat are exempt from the rule that ensures all animals are stunned before being slaughtered.’
    • ‘He eats halal and doesn't drink alcohol.’


Mid 19th century: from Arabic ḥalāl ‘according to religious law’.