Definition of hairstreak in English:



  • A butterfly with a narrow streak or row of dots on the underside of the hind wing and a small taillike projection on the hind wing.

    • ‘Trees stabilize the ecosystem for butterflies like the great purple hairstreak.’
    • ‘For the last two weeks I've seen a bunch of small hairstreak butterflies flying around one of the bushes outside.’
    • ‘It is hoped that birds such as the lapwing, skylark and redshank will increasingly use the sites as well as butterflies such as the green hairstreak.’
    • ‘It was a treat, as well, to see the rare white letter hairstreak butterfly, that spends most of its time in the tops of elm trees, come down to take nectar from some bramble blossom, close enough to see the initial ‘W’ on its underwing.’
    • ‘The leaves serve as host for the larvae of two butterflies, the white hairstreak and the brown duskywing.’