Definition of hairpiece in US English:



  • A quantity or switch of detached hair used to augment a person's natural hair.

    • ‘Women often tie their hair into a bun or attach a hairpiece.’
    • ‘In one swift movement he reaches over to the plump man and rips off his hairpiece, a stringy wig made from what looked like old cat hair.’
    • ‘It is a way of life, whether it be a change in colour, tints, hairpieces or whatever.’
    • ‘Depending on the cause and your preference, alopecia can be treated with medicines, surgery, or hairpieces.’
    • ‘This also looks a lot better than trying to hide your hair loss with a hairpiece or toupee.’
    • ‘The support centre is holding special themed days such as a beauty makeover day today, a pampering day with complementary therapies and massage tomorrow, a hair-loss day with advice on hairpieces, and a fashion-day on Friday.’
    • ‘For those not watching at home, she has some chunks straight and some chunks curly, and these are intertwined with coloured hairpieces that are colour coordinated with whatever she's wearing at the time.’
    • ‘I wore a hairpiece to school, and everyone thought my hair was real - until I did a quick dance move in gym.’
    • ‘Toupees and hairpieces aren't cheap either, and they're high maintenance.’
    • ‘She added the curly-textured hairpiece for fullness and easy maintenance.’
    • ‘Lisa's refusing to wear false hairpieces of any description, but she's compensating by wearing a pair of boots which her mother has declared to be ‘very Elvis-like’.’
    • ‘You might also consider hairpieces, such as ponytails and bangs, which can be worn under a hat or scarf to give the illusion of longer hair.’
    • ‘Removing the hairpiece and all the styling gunk Dan had used took at least an hour, which felt like forever at 6 in the morning.’
    • ‘In all forms of alopecia, hairpieces and surgical transplants can produce satisfactory results but are expensive.’
    • ‘I didn't have time to grow mine because everything happened so quickly, so I had to use hairpieces to make up the difference.’
    • ‘What they do with their hair beggars belief - dye, hairpieces, extensions - anything to go against nature.’
    • ‘But we'll have to make it look like you have more hair than you do by slicking it back and putting the hairpiece over the bun.’
    • ‘She awoke the next morning, blond hairpieces surrounding her.’
    • ‘Other treatments include hair grafting, which is very expensive and requires repeated treatment over time, and hairpieces.’
    • ‘Many men became clean-shaven - a marked change from the heavy beards of the mid-century, which, in their turn, had been a striking innovation, for beards had not been worn with wigs, the omnipresent hairpiece of the eighteenth century.’
    wig, toupee, false hair, extension, torsade, switch
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