Definition of Haida in English:



  • 1A member of an American Indian people of coastal British Columbia and southeastern Alaska.

    • ‘The Haida have stated publicly that they are opposed to offshore oil and gas development because of ecological concerns.’
    • ‘The 135 workers are demanding that the present harvest level on the islands be halved, and that some areas of the island be protected from logging as proposed by the Haida.’
    • ‘There are Haida villages there with totems just as they were hundreds of years ago, protected in a vast wilderness forest with restricted access.’
    • ‘But the Haida assert Aboriginal rights and title over the entire archipelago and its surrounding waters.’
    • ‘The three aboriginal partners are all Haidas.’
  • 2The language of the Haida, of unknown affinity.


  • Relating to the Haida or their language.

    • ‘The corporations are a strong lobby group in Alaska's capital since they not only control lands and assets but represent over 16,000 Tlingit and Haida shareholders.’
    • ‘Carved by the Haida people who live on the west coast of Canada, each pole can tell a story or mark a life or death of a member of the tribe.’
    • ‘And we take note that the Haida people have won another court victory.’
    • ‘We come from the Haida clan originally, but dad and I aren't really into looking up ALL our ancestors like a lot of people from our culture are.’
    • ‘In the grounds behind the museum there are two longhouses in Haida tribal style, as well as ten more totem poles.’


The name in Haida, literally ‘people’.