Definition of hafiz in US English:



  • A Muslim who knows the Koran by heart.

    • ‘The men began singing in Pashto, while Yasin - who is a hafiz, which means he has memorized the entire Koran - translated for me.’
    • ‘Committing the Qur'an to memory acted as a great aid for its preservation and any person who is able to accomplish this is known as a hafiz.’
    • ‘Reciting Quranic verses from memory just like a hafiz, the doctor says that there are many verses in the Quran which bring relief to pain.’
    • ‘Now I have decided to become a hafiz so that I can make sure nobody does anything wrong.’
    • ‘The completion of the Qur'an is indeed an act of great merit and virtue and the hafiz may be congratulated for that.’


Persian, from Arabic ḥāfiẓ ‘guardian’, from ḥāfiẓa ‘guard, know by heart’.