Definition of habitable in English:



  • Suitable or good enough to live in.

    • ‘Householders and businesses suffered months of heartache and misery as they battled to clear up the mess and make their premises habitable again.’
    • ‘The third requested the Council to offer incentives to owners of derelict homes to help make the buildings habitable.’
    • ‘But it is desperately in need of re-decoration and she now faces a battle against time and a shortage of money to make it habitable.’
    • ‘This move is one step in Shanghai's blueprint for becoming a world-class city which is more habitable for its residents.’
    • ‘We may well be living in a habitable portion of an infinite and random universe whose initial state obeyed no laws of Nature at all.’
    • ‘That we live in a habitable universe of course is a selection effect.’
    • ‘It's been obvious, since my return, that the collared doves have given up any attempt to make the high-rise golden cypress habitable.’
    • ‘The twice-divorced former jazz musician had abandoned his office to live in the property's one remaining habitable room.’
    • ‘A working party from the church is labouring to make the top two floors of this house habitable for James and Lis to live in.’
    • ‘There are 26,000 million insects living in every square mile of habitable land on Earth.’
    • ‘The themes begin with discovery, exploration and survival in the last habitable landmass discovered by humans.’
    • ‘Some buyers carry out restoration in stages, making part of the house habitable and completing the rest of the job as and when time and money allow.’
    • ‘It's a gigantic ball of fire which supposedly warms the Earth enough to make it habitable for life.’
    • ‘For, if our world is to remain habitable for humankind, nothing else is important enough to divert our attention from this growing problem.’
    • ‘Synthetic greenhouse gases could be used to make Mars habitable.’
    • ‘The agent estimates it would cost up to £100,000 to make it habitable.’
    • ‘Indeed, that may be one of the ways of making the nation habitable.’
    • ‘The loft above the taverna containing one habitable room was used for the lodging of the storekeeper, the caretakers or the workshop employees.’
    • ‘Getting the house back in habitable condition means a coal fire and central heating are at full blast 24 hours a day.’
    • ‘The barn then needs a further £75,000 to £100,000 spending on it to make it habitable.’
    fit to live in, inhabitable, fit to occupy, in good repair, usable, liveable in, suitable for residential use
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Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin habitabilis, from habitare ‘possess, inhabit’.