Definition of gyve in US English:



usually gyves
  • A fetter or shackle.

    ‘Thomas Chase lay bound most painfully with chains, gyves, manacles, and irons’
    • ‘It seems to us that this scheme merely recommends manacles instead of gyves; that it is a mere substitution of one kind of fetter for another.’
    • ‘“I see the food to be wholesome,” said Jack; “and still it is no proof that a man should wear a gyve on his right leg.”’
    • ‘So he stooped and put the gyve in his bosom; and the rough iron galled him as he went, and his bosom bled.’
    fetters, shackles, bonds, irons, leg irons, manacles, handcuffs
    tie, secure, fasten, tether, hitch, bind, rope, moor
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Middle English: of unknown origin.