Definition of gyroscopically in US English:



  • See gyroscope

    • ‘The gyroscopically stabilized models, by the way, reportedly provide added compensation for movement of the boat under you.’
    • ‘The missile's flight is gyroscopically stabilised.’
    • ‘A gyroscopically stabilized single wheel vehicle comprising an outer wheel mounted on a rim, a frame and two directions or degrees of freedom of motion system for mounting the frame on the rim within the wheel.’
    • ‘His photographs are made from helicopters and planes with a gyroscopically stabilized camera.’
    • ‘If you've been boating for awhile, there doubtless have been times when you could really use those big gyroscopically stabilized binoculars that the U.S. Navy has used for years.’
    • ‘The system consists of a computer and an inertial measurement unit comprising three accelerometers mounted on a gyroscopically stabilized platform.’