Definition of gypsy moth in English:

gypsy moth


  • A tussock moth having a brown male and larger white female. The caterpillar can be a serious pest of orchards and woodland.

    • ‘This roster of renegades may not be as familiar to us as the European gypsy moth (or even the Asian longhorn beetle), but they threaten our forests just as surely.’
    • ‘In summary, there is a complex interaction between host plant phenology effects and natural-enemy mortality for the gypsy moth.’
    • ‘The gypsy moth has a very broad host range but prefers to feed on oak species.’
    • ‘The U.S. government is mindful of the risks of this trade, knowing the havoc wreaked by other foreign insects, such as the gypsy moth.’
    • ‘We found support for this model in that early hatching gypsy moth larvae that were protected from natural enemies starved, and fecundity decreased with leaf age over the three weeks between release dates.’
    • ‘Specifically, leaf emergence in black oak occurred very soon after the first release, resulting in a generally high survival rate in gypsy moth.’
    • ‘Surveillance is usually targeted at specific pests such as the Asian gypsy moth.’
    • ‘Over the past 100 years, more than 20 biocontrol fly species have been released in Massachusetts for a variety of pests, including the browntail moth, the gypsy moth, and the Japanese beetle.’
    • ‘State and federal government agencies blanketed neighborhoods with poisons in an attempt to eradicate pests like gypsy moths and Japanese beetles.’
    • ‘The gypsy moth, was brought from France in 1869 by an entomologist who hoped to interbreed them with silkmoths to establish a new textile industry.’
    • ‘Researchers said they could not be certain if the gypsy moth caterpillars caused fetal loss in the one mare or if she would have lost the pregnancy regardless of treatment.’
    • ‘I am thinking particularly of the Asian gypsy moth, the painted apple moth, or the tussock moth - the organisms we are spending vast sums of money on trying to eliminate in the Auckland and Hamilton regions at this time.’
    • ‘So we have had visitors from Asia in the form of the Asian gypsy moth and Asian tiger mosquito larvae.’
    • ‘Other pests include gypsy moth caterpillars, gall midge, and scale.’
    • ‘The caterpillars of the gypsy moth are destructive defoliators that feed primarily on oak trees causing growth loss, crown dieback, and tree mortality.’
    • ‘The insecticide spraying programs have wiped out dozens of native moths and butterflies, probably doing more damage than the gypsy moth would have done.’
    • ‘The gypsy moth is a notorious pest that feeds on birches and other deciduous trees, and outbreaks occur cyclically across large regions of Japan.’
    • ‘In the case of some insect infestations, particularly spruce budworm and gypsy moth, repeated defoliation can cause the death of trees over a large area of forest.’
    • ‘Researchers at some locations focus on beneficial insects like wasps to control insect pests such as alfalfa weevils or gypsy moths.’
    • ‘It also had the potential to cause ‘forest fragmentation’ as has happened in many places in the Northeast - often because of gypsy moth invasion.’


gypsy moth

/ˈjipsē ˌmôTH/