Definition of gypsy cab in US English:

gypsy cab


  • A taxi that is licensed only to respond to telephone calls, typically one that nevertheless cruises for prospective fares.

    ‘despite a degree he's driving a gypsy cab’
    • ‘Something inside the gypsy cab smells like fresh-cut grass.’
    • ‘Gypsy cabs like his are illegal.’
    • ‘Their new comic effort concerns a family in a vaguely bygone New York City of brownstones, gypsy cabs, and gifted, unhappy children.’
    • ‘The average time for getting a gypsy cab has been half a minute.’
    • ‘She called a gypsy cab, one that kept no records, and helped Todd limp down to the ground floor.’
    • ‘They were passengers in a gypsy cab that was pulled over for a traffic infraction.’
    • ‘A line of gypsy cabs await the emerging, weighed-down crowds.’
    • ‘He drove what's called a gypsy cab—not the yellow taxi cab that you see often, but a sort of personal car taxi.’
    • ‘Syria has a system of informal minibuses and gypsy cabs.’
    • ‘Into the gypsy cab he brings one of his paintings, a portrait of a dark-skinned woman who is tilting her head and smiling.’