Definition of gypsum board in English:

gypsum board


North American
  • another term for plasterboard
    • ‘These panels were either bonded directly to the gypsum board surfaces or, where we needed to cover acoustic wall and ceiling cavities, we employed a system of wire-mesh backing or exposed wood battens.’
    • ‘Then we screwed the gypsum board onto the front and sides of the frame.’
    • ‘Early indications are that the steel two-by-fours behind the gypsum board are also in good shape.’
    • ‘To ensure the wail system is airtight, our drywall applicators fully caulk the gypsum board face layers, the outside edges of all membrane cutouts, and all penetrations.’
    • ‘The floor is wood, the ceiling is gypsum board, and the walls are part plaster on masonry and part gypsum board on randomly spaced framing.’
    • ‘We are putting up gypsum board for a ceiling in a storage shed that we are refurbishing.’
    • ‘It can grow on material with a high cellulose and low nitrogen content, such as fiberboard, gypsum board, paper, dust, and lint.’
    • ‘Some rafter systems are not deep enough to accept fiberglass batting and/or even enough to attach a vapor barrier or support a finished wall of paneling or gypsum board.’
    • ‘Products such as carpets or gypsum board do not contain significant amounts of formaldehyde when new.’
    • ‘Wood or metal framing of walls and ceilings is covered with sheets of drywall and gypsum board - a virtual ‘sandwich’ of calcium sulfate between layers of paper.’
    • ‘Curved gypsum board and cove lighting are combined to create pseudo-canopies above the patient beds, reinforcing the non-institutional look and feel of the rooms.’
    • ‘Today's products contain a significant amount of recycled content, including steel, concrete and gypsum board.’
    • ‘Material samples showed significant microbial growth in the classroom and teachers' room ceilings, the gypsum board in the ceiling, thermal insulation in the attic, and the mortar material in the floor and ceiling.’
    • ‘The ceilings are suspended tiles on a grid, the floors are carpet tiles, and the walls are made of gypsum board with metal studs and track.’
    • ‘After installing a new concrete floor and covering the rough interior walls with gypsum board, he created cabinets and a built-in bed, making the space comfortable enough for changing clothes or sleeping.’
    • ‘In a traditional barn, you won't find finishes like drywall or gypsum board.’
    • ‘On the second floor, the paint has peeled off the gypsum board which has deteriorated and expanded.’
    • ‘Further isolation for the practice rooms, electronic music suite, and recording suite is achieved with double-stud walls and multiple layers of gypsum board.’
    • ‘Growth was found mainly on the mineral fiber insulation, the paper surface on gypsum board, wall paper, and wood details in the roof construction.’
    • ‘To illustrate the concept, imagine a 3D wall object made up of two layers of gypsum board on either side of a wood stud.’