Definition of gypsiferous in US English:



  • See gypsum

    • ‘Quartz is the dominant mineral in veins in siliceous rocks, calcite in limestones, and gypsum in gypsiferous sediments.’
    • ‘Is composed almost entirely of a peculiar greenish-blue, unctuous, laminated clay, gypsiferous in places; light-bluish-gray color when fresh, weathering dull yellow and making a black soil.’
    • ‘At the left margin of the valley, the gypsiferous sequence is underlain by a clay and marl unit with an exposed thickness greater than 30 m.’
    • ‘By this mechanism holes, commonly up to 20m deep and 40m or more across, continue to appear suddenly in gypsiferous terranes throughout the world.’
    • ‘Note the rounded boulders in the fluvial sediments, and the mixing of gypsiferous and quartzose lithologies at places on the outcrop.’
    • ‘The others include the gypsiferous deposits of Lake Estancia and Lake Trinity.’
    • ‘However, another hypothesis suggests that gypsiferous deposits could also be formed from the reaction between calcium carbonate and sulfuric acid, which was apparently from the oxidation of the element sulfur.’
    • ‘The message in this Note is that reported values of exchangeable calcium for calcareous or gypsiferous soils are usually incorrect.’
    • ‘Some areas are mined for the underlying gypsiferous materials that is used for making wall board.’
    • ‘Calcareous and gypsiferous soils are common along many river floodplains in the subarctic and arctic regions of Alaska as well as in more arid regions such as deserts and grasslands.’