Definition of gyp joint in US English:

gyp joint


  • 1A business establishment, especially a store, that has a reputation for cheating customers by charging exorbitant prices for inferior goods or services.

    ‘a 42nd Street gyp joint’
    • ‘That's what I did in gyp joints and was never stopped when I walked out.’
    • ‘So go she did, working every gyp joint and watering hole from here to California.’
    • ‘What kind of gyp joint is this?’
    • ‘God knows I just keep sucking it in every time the owner of one of those gyp joints tells me ‘no refunds no returns!’’
    • ‘They'd just arrived and already it was dawning on them that this vacation wasn't going to be romantic adventure, it was going to be a forced march from one gyp joint to the next.’
  • 2A gambling establishment in which the games are run dishonestly.

    • ‘Why are there no bills being passed to protect the players at these ‘legalized’ gambling gyp joints?’