Definition of gyoza in US English:



  • A Japanese dish consisting of wonton wrappers stuffed with pork and cabbage.

    • ‘At the deli counter or in the freezer: Potstickers or gyoza, wontons, spring rolls, steamed meat- or vegetable-filled buns, and steamed seafood and meat dumplings’
    • ‘The dumplings are steamed rather than grilled or pan-fried (this is apparently the traditional Beijing way), which makes them more like Japanese gyoza than the doughy things you often get.’
    • ‘There are delicate, glistening gyoza and spongy Chinese-style buns stuffed to order with cucumbers and more of that juicy shredded pork.’
    • ‘If time is short, serve purchased frozen potstickers or gyoza instead.’
    • ‘We both ordered from the special menu, which included the aforementioned duck gyoza and a tofu miso soup with Japanese pickles.’


Japanese gyōza, from Chinese (Shandong dialect) giaozi.