Definition of gynandromorphic in US English:



Medicine Zoology
  • See gynandromorph

    • ‘Also, when we have time, she and I have fun with gynandromorphic moths - insects with a transplanted antennal imagined disk from the opposite sex.’
    • ‘In addition, numbers of gynandromorphic daphnia rose when they were exposed to a particular pesticide - pyriproxyfen - and the effect increased when the water fleas were also exposed to warmer temperatures.’
    • ‘The asterisk denotes the methyl farnesoate level at which gynandromorphic offspring were produced.’
    • ‘We assume that the interneurones in gynandromorphic females that branch into the macroglomerular complex induced by a grafted male antenna can activate this pathway.’
    • ‘There are some cases of gynandromorphic mocker swallowtail butterflies, which are sexual mosaics that display both male and female wing coloration and patterns, and andromorphic females, which display male wing designs.’