Definition of guzzler in US English:



  • See guzzle

    • ‘For the first time New Zealand has got its pink act together and made a range of food-friendly wines with attitude rather than the wan wee guzzlers of the recent past.’
    • ‘Salt Lake earns glowing reviews these days from dog lovers, vegetarians, bookstore browsers, microbrew guzzlers, and especially recreationists.’
    • ‘Young guzzlers enjoying themselves at the International Beer Festival organized at the German House in New Delhi on Sunday.’
    • ‘This international gathering of water guzzlers humbles him.’
    • ‘These include wind power and fuel cells, which could one day replace the oil that we put into our much-loved oil guzzlers.’
    • ‘This salt-tolerant, fire-resistant, drought-hardy water guzzler was imported in the 1800s to help hold stream and river banks in place.’
    • ‘And let me tell you, this is an event for the guzzler and gourmet alike.’
    • ‘Not being much of a beer guzzler I am always on the lookout for those entertainment spots that cater for the broad spectrum.’
    • ‘An enticing offer for guzzlers is that for every beer ordered, another one comes free.’
    • ‘Agriculture uses over 70 per cent of water, industrial use is growing and cities are becoming big water guzzlers.’