Definition of guyliner in US English:



  • Eyeliner that is worn by men.

    ‘a glam rock singer with a banshee wail, guyliner, and black nail polish’
    • ‘These men had longer hair than most of the groupies in their videos, and the 'dos were enhanced by skintight leggings, heavage, guyliner and more lip gloss than a Covergirl commercial.’
    • ‘It's not just the women who love their make-up. Men too are in on the act - whether it's a touch of concealer to hide a blemish or a hint of guyliner.’
    • ‘For a moment I entertain the possibility that he's wearing guyliner (he's not, his eyes are just very startling, like headlamps on full beam).’
    • ‘The emo kids hate them 'cos they aren't so fussed about guyliner and plastic neon trinklet bracelets.’
    • ‘Everyone knows he's bound to graduate to black hair dye and guyliner any day now.’
    • ‘Wielding guyliner and lip-gloss, they give Jonathan a swift make-up lesson.’
    • ‘He commands the stage like a modern-day crooner, except that he fronts a rock band instead of an orchestra, and wears "guyliner" and feather epaulettes on his blazer.’
    • ‘It's the big night, the showdown, what's being called the guy next door versus the guyliner.’
    • ‘After he left Big Brother he became famous for his use of guyliner and helped to promote a range of man make-up for YSL.’
    • ‘The first step to reclaiming masculinity is to dry those pretty little eyes, reapply your manscara, touch up your guyliner and get right back to the testosterone-saturated stadium/building site/trading floor.’
    • ‘Lambert was the one who kept people talking: with his guyliner, his black-painted fingernails, his stunning vocal range, and his penchant for stage drama and turning songs on their heads.’
    • ‘True, in the original the eyes were terrifying and unblinking and deathly, but what if we popped some guyliner around the edges and made them ocean blue?’
    • ‘The group is hardly emblematic of the genre (which has expanded to include guyliner and skinny jeans) but still commands legions of uberdedicated fans.’
    • ‘The Get Up Kids' early brand of pop-punk somehow spawned a wild world of young musicians who wouldn't be caught dead without their guyliner and asymmetrical black hair-dos.’
    • ‘I get men's face cream – maybe even guyliner – but men don't care about lashes!’


Early 21st century: blend of guy and eyeliner.