Definition of gutturally in US English:



  • See guttural

    • ‘He's not so much making a statement as he is reacting gutturally to the ominous clamour surrounding him.’
    • ‘The letter h is a heavy, gutturally aspirated h.’
    • ‘In answer, the robed god tossed a card down, grunting out its name a little more gutturally than he had meant to, for one does not keep up the reputation being a guardian of humanity requires by grunting.’
    • ‘Before my companion could answer, Una burst into a frightening cry which seemed to emerge somewhere from deep inside her belly and struggled gutturally into the air.’
    • ‘Women who are of high status talk with very high voices, and someone from the lower ranks talks kind of gutturally.’
    • ‘Sora growled gutturally as he moved up near Micah's throat.’
    • ‘Brae said something quickly and dynamically in French, and Gabe muttered gutturally back at him.’
    • ‘They continually rammed each other and began to scream gutturally at the anticipation of devouring so much sin-soaked flesh.’