Definition of gutturalize in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Say or pronounce in a harsh-sounding guttural manner.

    • ‘this send a ringtone from my computer to my cell phone is much less gutturalized than this ungraphic ball club.’
    • ‘What we end up with is a mix of classic blues atmosphere fired by hard charging, evasive, funky riffs honed with a touch of laid back swamp blues mixed up with a dirty boogie woogie background here, and a gutturalized shuffle there.’
  • 2Articulate (a speech sound) by moving the back of the tongue toward the velum.

    • ‘It reminds me of kuf - even though it's grouped with the letters produced by the ‘hech’, the real kuf is gutturalized like in Arabic.’
    • ‘Letter ‘r’ in french is rolled or trilled, while gutturalized in German.’