Definition of gutter ball in US English:

gutter ball


  • (in tenpin bowling) a nonscoring ball that enters the gutter before reaching the pins.

    • ‘My wrist does this weird twisty thing that I can't control and I end up playing gutter ball for ten frames.’
    • ‘It was the lane with the bumpers in the gutters to prevent beginner bowlers and children from getting gutter balls every single time.’
    • ‘I rolled the ball down the lane, but it ended up being a gutter ball.’
    • ‘I threw a gutter ball, screwing up my spare from the frame before.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, he followed his captain's orders and proceeded to bowl a gutter ball before knocking down half of the pins.’
    • ‘Those cushioned bumpers they put in the gutters of a bowling lane are meant to keep you from rolling 10 straight gutter balls.’
    • ‘But he has committed deal-breaker after deal-breaker here, bowled gutter ball after gutter ball.’
    • ‘Derek posed for an imaginary camera, blew a kiss to the audience in his head, and promptly bowled a gutter ball.’
    • ‘That doesn't come until the next game, after she has rolled consecutive gutter balls in the same frame.’
    • ‘A game later, Wade watched his friend throw his third gutter ball in a row.’