Definition of gustnado in US English:



  • A strong whirlwind at the leading edge of a storm front or squall line.

    • ‘I did sell some nice video of the gustnado and hail at the farmer's house to The Weather Channel.’
    • ‘This tornado, like the others, gusted out, and we continued to watch a series of gustnados form after the main tornado in the outflow region of the storm.’
    • ‘As we raced westward to intercept, we came across a gust front with a number of gustnados.’
    • ‘The gustnado typically forms along the leading edge of a thunderstorm outflow boundary called a gust front.’
    • ‘That same day, Bobby Prentice had two side and the rear van's windows blown in by a gustnado north of Atwood, Kansas on Wednesday.’