Definition of gusher in US English:



  • 1An oil well from which oil flows profusely without being pumped.

    • ‘He never assembled the rigs when a gusher was struck or helped carve out the rail tracks and roads that brought in more labour.’
    • ‘But in 1959-some thirty years after a Soviet scientist had forecast the presence of vast oil deposits in the forested swamps of West Siberia - a gusher was struck.’
    • ‘A weighting agent adds body to petroleum and prevents the formation of gushers.’
    • ‘The days of Jed Clampett finding an oil gusher in his back garden are perhaps gone for good.’
    • ‘In the years after World War II, prospectors went looking for oil across southeastern Utah, hoping for a gusher.’
    • ‘The first gusher of the Kirkuk oilfield was not struck till 1926, after the League of Nations had finally awarded the area to Iraq, not Turkey.’
    • ‘One man went on at length about the latest gusher in his oil field.’
    • ‘If only a brace of gushers were to be discovered.’
    • ‘Midland is of course a flat, once dusty (since paved) Texas oil town closer to gushers than geysers.’
    • ‘Download a brace of Westerns and work on the Texas accent, and casually let slip about how you need to stay online with Houston to find out how your gushers are doing.’
    • ‘The company just can't seem put a foot wrong as it continues to find gusher after gusher in the northern Indian region of Rajasthan.’
  • 2An effusive person.

    ‘the earnest, ingratiating gusher of numerous television interviews’
    • ‘It's nice to be able to sincerely gush, surrounded by other sincere gushers, about love and friendship and a sacred relationship, and know that you are in an irony free zone.’
    • ‘Walter drips rancid elegance as the hostess from hell, and there is lively support from Penny Downie as an unquenchable gusher.’
    • ‘I have seen Episode 20 now and I agree with the gushers above.’