Definition of gurney in US English:



North American
  • A wheeled stretcher used for transporting hospital patients.

    • ‘None of us present will forget the sight of him lying on the hospital gurney about to be wheeled into the operating room.’
    • ‘There are patients in wheelchairs and on gurneys.’
    • ‘Other stretchers or gurneys have weight limits and may not be of sufficient dimension to accommodate the patient.’
    • ‘In the emergency room, draped surgeons paced anxiously alongside empty gurneys.’
    • ‘His department, responsible for moving patients around in wheelchairs and on gurneys, had already been cut from three people to two.’
    • ‘At the hospital, John walked along side the gurney into the emergency room.’
    • ‘Price control is a policy the government will not apply to its own strategies while leaving it to consumers in supermarkets, pubs, waiting rooms and on hospital gurneys to suffer the consequences.’
    • ‘Mike then quickly inserted a catheter and valve then taped it down just as the medics from the ambulance wheeled in a gurney.’
    • ‘Melissa indicates her choice by touching a happy face patch sewn into the cover of her hospital gurney or she touches the book.’
    • ‘Others rest in flag-draped coffins or come home strapped to hospital gurneys.’
    • ‘I was rescued from ending up on a hospital gurney or in a straitjacket by a combination of clarity and crisis.’
    • ‘The only sound was the wheels of the gurney, until they stopped suddenly.’
    • ‘The men released the wheels on the gurney and pushed me up a ramp and into the ambulance.’
    • ‘The town's economy now resembles a comatose patient on a gurney, ready to be wheeled who knows where.’
    • ‘He tells me about one particular incident in 2002, when an explosive belt was found under a gurney transporting a sick child to hospital.’
    • ‘All assumptions were proven correct when a transport gurney and an EMS crew came in the front door.’
    • ‘The paramedics put me on a gurney and wheeled me toward the ambulance.’
    • ‘We take kids to our playground, which has swings and sandboxes that are accessible to wheelchairs and gurneys.’
    • ‘If the patient is very uncomfortable with the frame in place, he or she is placed on a gurney at this point.’
    • ‘What revolution could be ignited by a man who snivelled and struggled his way onto the hospital gurney?’


Late 19th century: apparently named after J. T. Gurney of Boston, Massachusetts, patentee of a new cab design in 1883.