Definition of gurdwara in English:



  • A Sikh place of worship.

    • ‘Perhaps, I am one of the few South Indian Brahmins who has had a conducted tour of so many gurdwaras from a celebrated Sikh historian and possibly a Sikh theologian.’
    • ‘The largest Sikh gurdwara, or temple, outside India, has opened in Southall, West London, built in less than three years at a cost of £17 million, raised from the local community.’
    • ‘Sikhs visit gurdwaras and fairs and parades are held.’
    • ‘Like the Hindu temples and the Sikh gurdwaras, the mosque as an architectural type, despite centuries of evolution, is a novelty in North America.’
    • ‘There were also reports of incidents at mosques outside London, and a mysterious fire broke out at a gurdwara in Kent after it apparently was mistaken for a place of Muslim worship.’
    • ‘They visit the gurdwara (a Sikh temple), where Min seeks spiritual solace, and Balbir looks for help in finding Min a husband.’
    • ‘The Sikh protesters objected to violent scenes in the play being set in a gurdwara and to the depiction of the giani (a priest) as an out of touch buffoon.’
    • ‘Le Pen is not welcome in Birmingham where churches, mosques, synagogues, gurdwaras, mandhirs and temples fill the skyline.’
    • ‘The Community Relations program area is also responsible for coalition building with likeminded organizations and gurdwaras, the Sikh houses of worship.’
    • ‘Most of them, broke financially and mentally, were provided not only new sets of clothes, board and lodging by the Teheran gurdwara and Sikh sangat of Iran but also given medical aid and attention.’
    • ‘In attempts to adhere to the most salient aspects of their religio-historical identity, Sikhs have built a gurdwara (Sikh site of worship) wherever they have migrated.’
    • ‘Apart from the trip to the centre, the Queen will visit a Hindu Temple in London, a Jewish museum and a Sikh gurdwara.’
    • ‘We have temples and mosques, gurdwaras and churches.’
    • ‘He also condemned the presentation of a siropa at a club, saying Sikh religious honours are strictly to be extended at gurdwaras.’
    • ‘There will also be a major development in the multi-faith programme, with gurdwaras, mosques, temples and churches participating throughout the 11-day festival.’
    • ‘In this extract from Behzti - Dishonour we find mother and daughter heading towards the local Sikh temple, the gurdwara, where Balbir is intent on marrying off Min with the help of Mr Sandhu.’
    • ‘But I don't think the gurdwaras, mosques and temples have played a major role either.’
    • ‘I've been meeting with local Sikhs in the gurdwara, with churches and with different mosques.’
    • ‘Whether it is an Islamic mosque, a Hindu or Buddhist temple, a Sikh gurdwara or a Catholic church, places of worship are crucial in bringing together new immigrants scattered throughout the region.’
    • ‘The Sikh gurdwaras were the centres of free thought and the integrated religio-political Sikh activities.’


From Punjabi gurduārā, from Sanskrit guru ‘teacher’ + dvāra ‘door’.