Definition of gunslinging in US English:


noun & adjective

  • See gunslinger

    • ‘Critics have railed against Washington for its gunslinging unilateralism, lambasting the US for playing the lone ranger.’
    • ‘Yet every day in British newspapers, on television and on the radio, I hear the same tedious stereotypes about loud and stupid American gunslinging bullies.’
    • ‘And the reason he's talking about cowpokes is because his latest US movie juxtaposes the martial arts of the Far East with the gunslinging of the Wild West.’
    • ‘There's a difference in the having the right to express yourself and in engaging in violence and using the violence to hype record sales, and then polluting young Americans that this is the key to success, by gunslinging and shooting.’
    • ‘This is a nation of laws, not Hollywood-style gunslinging, and the governor risks committing a heinous crime against humanity with such endorsements.’