Definition of gunship in US English:



  • An airplane or a helicopter heavily armed with machine guns or with machine guns and cannon, providing air support for ground troops in combat.

    ‘gunships were pounding the capital for the third night running’
    ‘a helicopter gunship’
    • ‘The remaining fighters could offer little resistance against helicopter gunships, tanks and overwhelming troop numbers.’
    • ‘Just beyond the camp is a large airfield where dozens of helicopter gunships and MiG fighter jets are protected by concrete bomb shelters.’
    • ‘Later, coordinated tactics between gunships and other helicopters led to the use of color-coded teams.’
    • ‘Helicopter gunships and jet fighters used the opportunity to carry out strafing and bombing runs over suspected Iraqi positions.’
    • ‘In the meantime, there were repeated air strikes on the city from US warplanes and helicopter gunships.’
    • ‘It stands to reason that the Philippine armed forces contained the rebellion by pounding the rebels with helicopter gunships and bombers.’
    • ‘Government forces used mortars, helicopter gunships and airplanes to bombard rebel positions.’
    • ‘They were supplied with weapons and air support from helicopter gunships and Antonov bombers.’
    • ‘Tight control of jet aircraft and helicopter gunships is necessary to avoid fratricide.’
    • ‘Helicopter gunships over the city made repeated dives at clusters of fighters, and artillery was brought in for the first time.’
    • ‘American fighter aircraft and helicopter gunships launched airstrikes against insurgent positions.’
    • ‘Under the covering fire of the gunships, troop-carrying helicopters raced into the airstrip.’
    • ‘The city was also pounded by fire from helicopter gunships, jet fighters, tanks and machine guns.’
    • ‘He said that helicopter gunships and navy patrol boats had strafed the communities, and that scores of civilians had been killed.’
    • ‘The warplanes and helicopter gunships were ready, their crews primed to deliver precision strikes.’
    • ‘A government office that had been taken over by the militiamen and used to store ammunition was strafed by a helicopter gunship and then reduced to rubble by tank fire.’
    • ‘Army helicopter gunships and MiG fighter planes lead the attacks but cannot distinguish between hardened officers and fresh abductees.’
    • ‘The warplane strike and the helicopter gunship have become prime weapons in the US war against the urban guerrillas.’
    • ‘US forces are again bombing people in Baghdad and strafing them from helicopter gunships.’
    • ‘Tanks and helicopter gunships exchanged fire with hundreds of armed men in the camp.’