Definition of gunroom in US English:



  • 1A room used for storing sporting guns in a house.

    • ‘Therefore, the short man made his way to his gunroom.’
    • ‘It took little effort to find, as it was just down a hallway and past Phio's large gunroom.’
    • ‘They began to offer gentlemen's tool chests: standardized sets of tools contained in small attractive cabinets suitable to the library, pantry, or gunroom.’
    • ‘Beyond the eight bedrooms and five reception rooms, many rooms, including the laundry, gunroom, flower room and nursery, have retained their original functions.’
    • ‘He exited from the room and touched the necessary button to close the gunroom.’
    • ‘Firearms in the gunroom, which was equipped with a deadbolt skeleton lock, were lying around in the open and live ammunition was also in the open and nearby.’
    • ‘Sammi picked up a huge machine gun in the gunroom and began examining it.’
    • ‘They emerged in a rather moderately sized gunroom.’
    • ‘A copy of the Cavalry Model - favored by Confederate Gen. J.E.B. Stuart - found its way to the gunroom of Leo Bradshaw in Waco, Texas.’
  • 2British dated A set of quarters for midshipmen or other junior officers in a warship.