Definition of gunnery sergeant in US English:

gunnery sergeant


  • A rank of noncommissioned officer in the US Marines, above staff sergeant and below master sergeant.

    • ‘Nakamura's platoon comprised himself, a gunnery sergeant, and four squads, each squad with nine men.’
    • ‘Ponytailed Larry, who wears the stripes of a former marine gunnery sergeant on his floppy hat, bursts into laughter; it's too obvious to take seriously.’
    • ‘The Marine Corps removed his derogatory fitness report from his records and promoted him to gunnery sergeant.’
    • ‘Dann Hoose, a gunnery sergeant from southern California, sold his truck and shut down his garage-door installation business.’
    • ‘I was on the USS Oklahoma as gunnery sergeant in the Marine detachment at the time the ship was sunk.’
    • ‘Our permanent staff is myself, the commanding officer, a staff sergeant and a gunnery sergeant.’
    • ‘‘I'm a strong Republican, but the Republicans have been the problem; we've been treated like second-class citizens,’ a retired Vietnam Marine helicopter gunnery sergeant named Don Beaver told me in North Carolina.’
    • ‘The day before Frazier arrived ‘in country’ in March 1969, his unit's gunnery sergeant was killed while rescuing an aircrew from an aircraft that crashed at the end of the runway.’
    • ‘Then he retired from the Marine Corps as a gunnery sergeant, went to the FBI as an analyst.’
    • ‘‘Nasiriyah was supposed to be a six-hour fight,’ a wounded gunnery sergeant said at a field hospital yesterday.’
    • ‘Eventually, news reached the Captain, who dispatched a gunnery sergeant and a squad of Marines with non-defective handcuffs to apprehend her.’
    • ‘I grabbed the bar to pull myself up, just as the gunnery sergeant grabbed my forearm and pulled be towards him, into the back of the cabin.’
    • ‘Lehew, a gunnery sergeant at the time, was awarded the Navy Cross for his actions that day, March 23, 2003.’


gunnery sergeant

/ˈɡən(ə)ri ˈsɑrdʒənt//ˈɡən(ə)rē ˈsärjənt/