Definition of gunnera in US English:



  • A South American plant that has extremely large leaves resembling rhubarb and that is grown as a waterside ornamental.

    Genus Gunnera, family Gunneraceae: several species, in particular G. manicata and G. tinctoria

    • ‘The banks are high with wild orchid, gunnera and water lily.’
    • ‘The big leaves of a squash plant are just as striking as the similar leaves of gunnera, a perennial much prized by lovers of bold style.’
    • ‘But one of the truly stunning sights in gardening is its forest of gunnera that towers overhead in summer.’
    • ‘In spring, the stars of the Secret Garden are camellias, magnolias and the lushest of bog gardens crammed with skunk lilies and gunnera.’
    • ‘Beside the barn and in front of the glass-fronted living-room extension are ponds, planted with wild, slightly bushy areas of large-leaved gunnera and flag irises, beside which simple, sensuous nudes will be placed.’


Modern Latin, named after Johann E. Gunnerus (1718–73), Norwegian botanist.