Definition of gunmetal in English:



  • 1A gray, corrosion-resistant form of bronze containing zinc, formerly used for making cannon.

    • ‘It became fashionable to own objects in base metal, so Faberge started to use gunmetal, copper and brass.’
    • ‘There are even tiny sensors that can detect the presence of gunmetal and tanks.’
    • ‘The feel of cool gunmetal was still a comfort against her hand though.’
    • ‘His body in my arms dragged me down like gunmetal, but I managed to manoeuvre him to the doorway and out into the cleaner air.’
    • ‘Loose copper bullet casings and gunmetal gleamed coldly in the light sparkling like pieces of ice, cold and deadly.’
    • ‘Chill cast leaded gunmetals are widely used for miscellaneous small bushes of low stressing but they are, of course, considerably less wear resistant than gunmetal and phosphor bronzes.’
    • ‘All the castings - a total of 24 adorn the gates and railings - are made of gunmetal, chosen as it is a hard-wearing and weatherproof material.’
    • ‘As he reached for the box to remove it, the chilling feel of gunmetal touched the back of his neck.’
    • ‘Moreover, in the base year, only gunmetal showed a reduction in price as a trend.’
    • ‘As for your domicile there are dining furniture sets, made of gunmetal, brought all the way from Hyderabad and priced at Rs.2,200.’
    • ‘Now, visually I agree, that gunmetal is not a great look for a comic book movie but I don't think it takes away from the film.’
    • ‘The headstud group shows similar traits: a finely detailed type is typically of brass or gunmetal but the simpler variants, usually with the headloop cast in one with the brooch, are of leaded bronze.’
    • ‘The beautiful finish in the idols of Ram, Lakshman, Sita and Hanuman and Lord Siva and Goddess Parvathi made of gunmetal draws the attention of connoisseurs.’
    • ‘The interior of the plane was a reflection of the outside; black gunmetal gleamed from all corners.’
    • ‘Earrings made of black metal with American diamonds embedded, chains made of gunmetal, coral and jade and pearl bangles add to the gaiety.’
    1. 1.1 A dark blue-brown gray color.
      [as modifier] ‘the river glinted brass under a gunmetal sky’
      • ‘I looked up at him suddenly, meeting his gunmetal gray eyes and finding myself surprised by the pity there.’
      • ‘However, you can achieve a nice effect more simply by simply painting the pieces with a dark paint - our furniture came in a sort of gunmetal gray, but dark green or black would also work.’
      • ‘The receptionist was an older woman, her gunmetal gray hair bound back into a severe bun, with a pair of half moon spectacles resting on the end of her nose.’
      • ‘Under gunmetal flat skies, the trucks start pouring in from the main traffic artery of this somewhat leafy neighborhood.’
      • ‘Though she knows what I look like, the only time I've ever seen her is when she's in her gunmetal gray car.’
      • ‘Morning sun and cold temperatures had quickly been replaced with gunmetal gray skies and the promise of an even colder afternoon.’
      • ‘A wedge with a gunmetal or black finish can even make the clubhead appear smaller.’
      • ‘The assertive title boldly lettered on the gunmetal gray book spine makes this volume look like another tiresome autobiography by a former SAS trooper.’
      • ‘Its partner on the right shows a taxicab-yellow ground largely obscured by a gestural, gunmetal gray.’
      • ‘Although it's his big eyes that draw the most attention: such stunningly cold gunmetal gray, with a ring of bright blue close to the pupil.’
      • ‘The early day was cool, the sky a soft gunmetal gray.’
      • ‘Which, maybe because of its exotic name, is sort of a letdown, at least the first time I see it from my school bus window, where it's nothing but a sliver of uninviting gunmetal gray under a hazy, perfectly flat horizon.’
      • ‘On the West Lake, water and sky blurred into a gunmetal mist.’
      • ‘The dingy, gunmetal gray image is soft, sloppy and lacking any real artistic merit.’
      • ‘The gunmetal gray door opens, and his assistant pokes her head inside.’
      • ‘When I arrived at Half Moon Bay at 7 a.m., the sun was breaking through the swollen gray cloud bellies and lighting up the gunmetal blue water.’
      • ‘The great skies are shrouded in smoky, matte tones of dark mocha, cocoa or gunmetal grays, representing night, fog, smog or infinite space.’
      • ‘The gunmetal gray armor plating of the Obliterator buckled slightly behind its fighter bay, which is precisely where all laser fire from the Telemachus was now concentrated.’
      • ‘The heron, curled against the early morning cold, was a dark question mark against the gunmetal surface of the pond.’
      • ‘As he played around with colors, he decided to scrap the bright silver for a more subdued gunmetal gray.’