Definition of gunman in English:



  • 1A man who uses a gun to commit a crime or terrorist act.

    ‘a gang of masked gunmen’
    • ‘Masked gunmen left two shop workers terrified after they raided a Pinehurst fast-food outlet.’
    • ‘In this case, the fear in turn was created by the masked gunman who screamed at her and shot at her.’
    • ‘Police are appealing for two men who might have seen a teacher shot by masked gunmen to come forward to help with their investigation.’
    • ‘The accomplice of a gunman who shot a man dead in a pub may be in fear for his life, police said.’
    • ‘The chase ended with a crash as the car carrying the gunman and his accomplice left the road.’
    • ‘Meanwhile a masked gunman is making his way towards the scene, but is he coming to help Bonnie or not?’
    • ‘On opening the door and seeing the masked gunman, the veteran television cameraman immediately pulled it shut.’
    • ‘It emerged last night that one of the gunmen was a terrorist known to the Saudi authorities.’
    • ‘The gunman and his accomplices then got back in the vehicle and drove off down Milkstone Road.’
    • ‘Police were last night hunting two gunmen who murdered a man in a hail of automatic fire in a quiet market town.’
    • ‘He was also suspected of hiring the same gunman to murder his former girlfriend, but the attempt on her life failed.’
    • ‘The gunman's accomplice carried on with the raid, smashing a glass security shield and taking cash.’
    • ‘The robbery came just a month after a masked gunman forced his way into the same store and threatened staff.’
    • ‘A reluctant bank raid hero told how he thought he was going to die when he grappled with a masked gunman.’
    • ‘Over time, these not so good areas have also given rise to thieves and gunmen.’
    • ‘Police are still hunting the gunmen who murdered the two girls, innocent victims of a feud between two rival gangs.’
    • ‘Why else would a group of masked gunmen attack a Christmas party in my hometown?’
    • ‘The landlord, two doormen and a customer were shot when a masked gunman suddenly opened fire in a pub, a jury heard.’
    • ‘Masked gunmen roamed the streets, setting police cars on fire and controlling some bridges.’
    • ‘Last week, gunmen kidnapped and then freed a British journalist in the southern city of Basra.’
    armed robber, hold-up man, bandit, gangster, terrorist, gunfighter
    sniper, assassin, murderer, killer, liquidator
    stick-up man, hitman, gun, hired gun, contract man, hatchet man, trigger man, gunslinger, mobster
    shootist, hood, button man
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    1. 1.1A person who has to do with guns or is engaged in their manufacture.