Definition of gun license in US English:

gun license

(British gun licence)


  • A permit from an authority to own a gun or to carry one under specified conditions or for specified purposes.

    ‘gun owners must reapply for their gun licenses every three years’
    • ‘The Garda are anxious that holders of a gun licence in the area renew their licence immediately.’
    • ‘Previous legislation, passed in April 2008, raised the legal age to obtain a gun licence from 18 to 21.’
    • ‘There is, for example, nothing discriminatory about declining to issue a gun licence to a child.’
    • ‘It said police had no grounds for refusing him a gun licence.’
    • ‘There will be pressure from other European countries to set the minimum age for a gun licence to 18.’
    • ‘The police officer on duty decided there was no need to terminate his gun licence.’
    • ‘The act will make it mandatory for anyone applying for a gun licence to first undergo a test of their marksmanship.’
    • ‘How he managed repeatedly to renew his gun licence is still a mystery.’
    • ‘The review recommends a change in the law to prevent criminals who receive suspended jail terms from holding a gun licence for five years.’
    • ‘Should those who resent the difficulty of getting a gun license in New York City arm themselves illegally?’