Definition of gulper in US English:


(also gulper eel)


  • A deep-sea eel with very large jaws that open to give an enormous gape and with eyes near the tip of the snout.

    Order Saccopharyngiformes: several families

    • ‘A hairy angler the size of my fist starts worrying at the meat of my calf and I can sense a giant gulper eel on its way over for a taste of delicious old me.’
    • ‘Nearly all mouth and tail, the gulper eel also scavenges in the depths.’
    • ‘Their names say everything - dragon fish, devilfish, viper fish, gulper eels, blacktail netdevils, ghost sharks.’
    • ‘There are some with teeth so big that they can't close their mouth, gulper eels that swallow prey bigger than themselves and some with ‘headlights’.’
    • ‘With the exception of the two duplicated control regions in the S. lavenbergi mitogenome, the mitogenomes from the two deep-sea gulper eels exhibit an identical gene order.’