Definition of gull wing in US English:

gull wing


  • as modifier (of a door on a car or aircraft) opening upward.

    ‘gull-wing doors’
    • ‘Another significant feature is the gull-wing design of the engine-compartment side panels.’
    • ‘The YCC has a personalised driving position, autopark for easy parking and gull-wing doors for easier access and improved visibility.’
    • ‘Both cabin doors open forward and up in modified gull-wing fashion, providing excellent access to either front or rear seats.’
    • ‘A gull-wing canopy provides the best service access available in a zero tail swing machine, Timberking says.’
    • ‘One of the Trinidad's signature design characteristics is its gull-wing doors.’
    • ‘Last week I mentioned that Rudi Uhlenhaut designed the Mercedes 300 SL with the famous gull-wing doors that opened up sideways, hinged in the centre of the roof.’
    • ‘Tim and his chief engineer Ray Mulqueen encountered a great deal of difficulty in fulfilling Tim's objective in rebuilding six original Ratas and three Chaikas (the gull-wing biplane comrade to the Rata) in Russia.’
    • ‘Those famous gull-wing doors, unlike those on the Mercedes-Benz 300SL of 1952, had no structural rationale - DeLorean included them for effect.’
    • ‘Press the flush button by the door to open the gull-wing doors, which have hydraulics powerful enough to lift the doors automatically.’
    • ‘In 1971 he sells his SOA interest to launch a venture building fiberglass-bodied, gull-wing sports cars in New Brunswick, Canada, under his own name - a project that folds in 1975.’
    • ‘But the gull-wing car nearly got Nik and Eva into serious trouble just outside Turin, where a police officer thought they had a bomb in the back.’
    • ‘Now that people are used to seeing gull-wing and even butterfly doors, Koenigsegg's rotating door is so different it does make them stop and take notice.’
    • ‘Massive fabricated boom sets are designed for high production felling applications, while industry-first gull-wing doors on the engine house allow easy access to keep the 630A and 730A producing.’
    • ‘That taken care of, she raised the gull-wing door, and bounded out.’
    • ‘It is worth noting that between 1954 and 1957 a total of just 1,400 gull-wing models were produced - not exactly a number that would lead someone to believe that a business could be built on it.’
    • ‘Drivers sit side-by-side in a fully enclosed two-man safety capsule cockpit, with gull-wing doors that can be opened from both inside and out.’
    • ‘This is precisely the exclusive, top-end sporting image Mercedes has been trying to recapture with the much publicised SLR McLaren supercar, right down to the silver paint, gull-wing doors and extreme price tag.’
    • ‘Ally slid into the car and pulled the gull-wing door closed.’
    • ‘The forward-hinged canopy opens up both front seats for easy entry, and the separate, gull-wing left-side door opens up and to the right, providing friendly access to the rear buckets.’
    • ‘The gull-wing doors popped open and she jumped out onto the sidewalk.’


gull wing

/ˈɡəl ˌwiNG/