Definition of guilt-ridden in US English:



  • Filled with feelings of guilt.

    ‘a guilt-ridden man who's hiding from his past’
    • ‘Guilt-ridden parents tried to bribe their offspring with money and gifts they could ill afford.’
    • ‘The narrator is a thoughtful, guilt-ridden man.’
    • ‘I guess the point of the programme was to comfort all the guilt-ridden people who had broken their New Year's resolutions by the end of the first week in January.’
    • ‘True to form, I committed a cardinal sin by ordering a side order of chips, and then spent a guilt-ridden lunch eating them with mayonnaise and ketchup.’
    • ‘The story of the guilt-ridden woman who knows she can never be a good enough mother is beautifully judged in its mixture of comedy and depression.’
    • ‘I feel guilt-ridden, like a murderer.’
    • ‘Guilt-ridden, Lou befriends Sally by handling the funeral arrangements and charming her with an expensive dinner.’
    • ‘Many abused women feel trapped, isolated, and guilt-ridden.’
    • ‘However, because he still possesses his crown, his queen, and his ambition, the guilt-ridden murderer knows that his repentance is insincere.’
    • ‘There is evidence that he feels some remorse: he was convicted partly on the basis of three guilt-ridden confessions.’