Definition of guideway in US English:



  • A groove or track along which something moves.

    ‘magnetic fields lift and guide the trains along guideways’
    • ‘Elevated guideways look sleek in computer renderings, but are less elegant, with thickened columns, electric conduits and emergency walkways.’
    • ‘Linear guideways with integrated encoders save time, space and eliminate the risk of damage by contaminants.’
    • ‘The five-mile precast guideway, 50 ft high, required 30,000 night gate closures, airfield work and 300,000 sq ft of terminal renovation.’
    • ‘The Schneeberger Minirail series is a family of robust, two-row miniature guideways made from stainless steel, ideal for compact environments.’
    • ‘The guideway is 75 feet high in some areas and averages 50 feet above the tarmac.’
    • ‘The tape can be applied quickly and easily at any stage of machine building, with a special applicator ensuring parallelism with axis guideways.’
    • ‘Equipped with sealed and pressurized linear guideways and ball screws, a high-speed graphite-machining center is suitable for working with small electrodes that requires intricate tooling.’
    • ‘Most of the costs are from guideways and stations that are already required for the dual-direction system design.’
    • ‘But rather than lose the federal funding that was already approved for the ITSG, the airport authority went ahead with the first half of the guideway.’
    • ‘Existing road and utility rights of way should suffice for the guideways.’
    • ‘A single vehicle will shuttle along a 1-mile elevated guideway at 40 mph.’
    • ‘Instead of using an engine to power the train, electrified coils in the guideway walls and ‘track’ also push against each other to create a magnetic field - propelling the train forward.’
    • ‘To make room for the guideway, an old control tower had to be removed.’
    • ‘This invention relates to machine tools and more specifically to the assembly of guideways onto a bed of a grinding machine.’
    • ‘The machine has a sliding Z-axis that employs a digital ballscrew drive; the X-axis has hydrostatic guideways.’
    • ‘It would take a phased deployment over about 40 years to realize a complete deployment of electrical guideways and dual mode vehicles.’
    • ‘This study includes examples of the design of different types of support columns and guideways for three different street types, representing a variety of problems and possibilities.’
    • ‘The airport's ‘Skylink’ train cars are connected to airport terminals via 4.81 miles of guideway, elevated at an average of 50-feet.’
    • ‘The jobs would come from building guideways, or tracks, needed for the electromagnetic train.’
    • ‘These small-scale, narrow linear guideways are tiny and lightweight, thus suitable for miniature equipment.’