Definition of guesstimate in English:


(also guestimate)


Pronunciation /ˈɡestəmət//ˈɡɛstəmət/
  • An estimate based on a mixture of guesswork and calculation.

    • ‘Well I think in any disaster situation the figures are rubbery and they're guesstimates at best.’
    • ‘Mercer's figures are, in our opinion, guesstimates at best.’
    • ‘Continuing, the chairman said that tourist numbers and tourism revenue were not crude guesstimates but rather solid projections based on the experience of comparable host ports in other countries.’
    • ‘Existing guesstimates are extracted and extrapolated from hospital and mortuary records, media reports and some military data.’
    • ‘However, his guestimates of the cost of war put the Australian bill at $25m a day.’
    • ‘Using a variety of sources, they put together a good guestimate of what the UNSC will hear.’
    • ‘Most of these numbers, if not all of them, are guesstimates, as it were.’
    • ‘Finally, I'm doing the guesstimates based on what I believe will be reported on a couple of these films.’
    • ‘There were plenty of guesstimates but, without the basic information, all subsequent valuations of the company were not worth the paper they were written on.’
    • ‘This is the best deal we can offer and this is our best guestimate.’
    • ‘We're quite confident about the first list but the rest are just guesstimates.’
    • ‘The guestimate of the duration assigned to an average male generation is only one statistical gap through which the carts of future study might be driven.’
    • ‘But these are sophisticated guesstimates, no more.’
    • ‘Some guesstimates put the true figure as high as 8%.’
    • ‘The gross city product, for one thing, is not some precise state or federal government statistic, but a rough, inexact index of economic activity, a sort of guesstimate built upon multiple other guesstimates.’
    • ‘To this day, I have only received three reports that are nothing more than estimates and guesstimates, but little scientific analysis of the water quality or content.’
    • ‘This too seems to be based on what may roughly be termed a guesstimate, with no consideration of the negativities.’
    • ‘The numbers may well amount to little more than guestimates, however, because the government isn't yet collecting data.’
    • ‘My guesstimate is that the positives will outweigh the negatives, but that progress will be much slower than it could be with better policies.’
    • ‘Based on guesstimates of the likely renewed whale stock, this could mean Norway raising its annual catch from 550 minkes to 2,000, and possibly extending the hunting to other species.’
    hypothesis, theory, prediction, postulation, conjecture
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Pronunciation /ˈɡɛstəˌmeɪt//ˈɡestəˌmāt/
  • Form an estimate of based on guesswork and calculation.

    ‘the task is to guesstimate the total vote’
    • ‘In 1997 the illegal pool of guns available to criminals was guesstimated at somewhere between 10,000 and 25,000.’
    • ‘I'm really not very good at guesstimating the times that I'll race.’
    • ‘Okay, there is a growth in the Spanish carp fishing fraternity at the moment but it's still guestimated there are way less than a thousand serious guys.’
    • ‘Surely some of these performers, we'd guesstimated, would hanker to wield a radical version of the ideological cannon that something called ‘country music’ regularly exploits in the interests of defense contractors and capital.’
    • ‘The point is that I guesstimate the box office every weekend based on a combination of both tracking and my intuition, personal insights, etc, etc, etc.’
    • ‘She had sort of guesstimated from their combined moods, the atmosphere one might call it, that this sort of behavior was to be expected.’
    • ‘I'm guesstimating the asking price was $2-3M. It would be surprising if they paid any more than that.’
    • ‘Since the best quality is even more important from their point of view, you can safely let them do the choosing and purchasing, and I'm sure they'll be able to correctly guesstimate the size you'll need as well.’
    • ‘He was born in 1855, so, by roughly guestimating his age in the picture, I'd say that it was taken in about 1890.’
    • ‘Judging from the detail level, I'd guesstimate this is about 50 metres across.’
    • ‘Myself, I would guesstimate the difference between the two measurements, and then err slightly on the smaller side.’
    • ‘He was tall, she guesstimated around 6 feet or so.’
    • ‘American fatalities are guesstimated at under 6000.’
    • ‘Organisers guesstimated some 4,400 were in attendance.’
    • ‘By the way, although we certainly weren't hating our sleeping arrangements, we guesstimated that tossing two sleeping bags and a tent onto our racks would have been easy.’
    • ‘I hazard to guesstimate the total this year but it'll probably be even more crowded, especially when I'm waiting in line to eat.’
    • ‘During time trials, I try to guesstimate what the margin of victory is going to be, especially if the car in the other lane is similar to what I'm racing in performance.’
    • ‘I would guesstimate this to be about a 3 hour job.’
    • ‘But when 10 forensic clinicians were asked to guestimate the size of 10 test objects their performance was no better than 13 participants from another profession.’
    • ‘They are guesstimating the winds to be blowing around 60-70 knots.’
    estimate, calculate, approximate, make a guess at, make an estimate of
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1930s: blend of guess and estimate.