Definition of guerrilla theater in US English:

guerrilla theater

(also guerilla theater)


  • The dramatization of political and social issues, typically performed outdoors, e.g. in the street or a park, as a means of protest or propaganda.

    • ‘Never mind the cumbersome appeals process; the country is tearing itself apart in a clash of bodies and symbolic pep rallies on the streets, and of competing magics of guerrilla theater and doctored spin for the mirrors of the media.’
    • ‘They are in the same genre as guerrilla theater - an effective counterculture tactic usually associated with the Left - through which societal assumptions are challenged by acting out scenarios.’
    • ‘Twenty years later, America is 46 percent evangelical, thanks largely to the guerrilla theater, door-to-door ministering and relentless organizing initiated by thousands of evangelical churches.’
    • ‘It was a grand idea for a demo, a marriage of guerrilla theater and slick ad-agency wit.’
    • ‘The recall vote is guerrilla theater, anything can happen, and nobody knows what it will mean.’
    • ‘But she is ‘not sure what the goal is of the in-your-face cultural guerrilla theater.’’
    • ‘On the Saturday of Pride weekend, the Fruit Brigade will hold a free series of workshops and skill-sharing sessions on topics such as silk-screening, bicycle repair, drag, fat activism, being a trans ally and guerrilla theater.’
    • ‘Drum circles, bare-breasted guerrilla theater and giant puppets aside, there are only two ways the anti-war movement can achieve its goals.’
    • ‘He kept the NLC going with ‘smoke and mirrors,’ loans from his folks, and guerrilla theater.’