Definition of guerrilla marketing in US English:

guerrilla marketing


  • Innovative, unconventional, and low-cost marketing techniques aimed at obtaining maximum exposure for a product.

    • ‘Buzz, viral, street, stealth, or guerrilla marketing - call it what you will - the use of alternative tactics to spread word-of-mouth buzz about products is raging.’
    • ‘It used to be that the daredevil few who practiced down-and-dirty guerrilla marketing did so because they had no choice: They couldn't afford to play in the big leagues with the money-to-burn heavy-hitters.’
    • ‘Still, ‘We would never walk away from guerrilla marketing,’ she said.’
    • ‘But by the early '90s, the brand had begun to take root in urban markets, enhanced by grass roots programs and guerrilla marketing.’
    • ‘The first offbeat guerrilla marketing idea is another new twist on an old approach - door hangers, which have been around since door-to-door sales were common and acceptable.’
    • ‘All of the marketing that we'd been doing was guerrilla marketing.’
    • ‘To them, guerrilla marketing involves high-school kids hassling you with flyers on street corners.’
    • ‘This fun book is chock full of great advice about market smarts, guerrilla marketing, niche marketing and having fun peddling good food to eager customers.’
    • ‘These five pillars are: external marketing, internal marketing, guerrilla marketing, corporate marketing and community marketing/outreach.’
    • ‘The other side of the fence is peopled mainly by delegates from the city's business improvement areas, council-approved business alliances who complain of money spent combatting guerrilla marketing in their quarters.’
    • ‘The main principle, he said, was insurgency, which, he pointed out, continuing to switch with ease between political and new-media vocabularies, was really guerrilla marketing.’
    • ‘But this piece of guerrilla marketing provided many of us with a much underrated, life-affirming chuckle.’
    • ‘In addition to traditional media, guerrilla marketing, or viral marketing, has proven effective in spurring word of mouth.’
    • ‘If guerrilla marketing is cooler than traditional big-budget marketing, then it stands to reason that zero marketing is even hipper than grass roots efforts.’
    • ‘When your revenues are one-quarter the size of your largest competitor's ad budget, guerrilla marketing isn't an afterthought, it's a necessity.’
    • ‘Will guerrilla marketing sell the car to Generation Y?’
    • ‘One way to think of them is as the latest guerrilla marketing tool, a new kind of brand bait.’
    • ‘Momentum created an unprecedented level of excitement for the concert and the card launch through guerrilla marketing.’
    • ‘The street teams, typically consisting of young people who serve as the eyes and ears of their respective communities, are at the center of the company's specialty: guerrilla marketing.’
    • ‘Tobacco companies regularly use guerrilla marketing to outsmart the law.’