Definition of guelder rose in English:

guelder rose


  • A deciduous Eurasian shrub of the honeysuckle family with flattened heads of fragrant, creamy-white flowers, followed by clusters of bitter translucent red berries. Similar to the closely related highbush cranberry, it is widely cultivated in North America.

    • ‘And cut into hedges of Crataegus pedicellata, Euonymus ‘Emerald Gaiety’, white lilac, field hedges and guelder rose, are spaces specially cut in preparation for more artistic deliveries.’
    • ‘However, in hedgerows, aliens like fuchsia, buddleia and snowberry are pushing out native species like spindle and guelder rose.’
    • ‘Another excellent berried shrub is the guelder rose Viburnum opulus.’
    • ‘Apparently, Chaucer was fond of eating the berries of the commonly known guelder rose but most find them bitter and smelly.’


Late 16th century: from Dutch geldersche roos ‘rose of Gelderland’ (see Gelderland).


guelder rose

/ˈɡeldər ˌrōz//ˈɡɛldər ˌroʊz/