Definition of guayule in US English:



  • 1A silver-leaved Mexican shrub of the daisy family which yields large amounts of latex.

    Parthenium argentatum, family Compositae

    • ‘At Albany, Cornish is delineating the physical characteristics of sunflower candidates' latex and comparing them to those of latex taken from two other natural sources - the Brazilian rubber tree and a desert shrub, guayule.’
    • ‘Preliminary tests show that surgical gloves, condoms, or other products made from the natural rubber latex of a southwestern desert shrub called guayule are an effective barrier against disease-causing bacteria and viruses.’
    • ‘We'll be able to conduct onsite tests to explore new uses of crops like guayule - a desert shrub that our patented research has shown is a promising new domestic source of hypoallergenic natural latex.’
    • ‘As early as 1907, experiments by the Intercontinental Rubber Company were conducted on guayule, a Mexican desert shrub that contained 20 percent pure rubber that lent itself to harvesting.’
    1. 1.1 A rubber substitute made from latex produced by the guayule shrub.
      • ‘In spite of some limitation as an alternative rubber crop due to its slow volume growth and low abundance of rubber particles, guayule has been proposed as a viable commercial alternative for hypoallergenic latex.’
      • ‘In guayule, the most abundant rubber particle protein of 52 kDa was sequenced to be a P450 allen oxide synthase.’
      • ‘Similar transit peptides could not be found, however, in the AOS from rubber particles of guayule and in the two isoforms of the barley AOS.’


Early 20th century: via Latin American Spanish from Nahuatl cuauhuli.