Definition of Guatemalan in US English:



  • Relating to Guatemala or its people.

    ‘a wealthy Guatemalan businessman’
    • ‘My mom is Mexican and my dad is Guatemalan -- two countries where soccer is a religion.’
    • ‘Deep in the Guatemalan rainforest lay the ruins of numerous Mayan temples.’
    • ‘The gallery opens its season with a retrospective of the Guatemalan photographer's work.’
    • ‘In this Guatemalan novel, a bookseller becomes obsessed with a woman who steals his merchandise.’
    • ‘The Guatemalan star will finish the year with 5-8 goals.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Guatemala, or a person of Guatemalan descent.

    ‘she wanted to see for herself how Guatemalans harvest and prepare coffee’
    • ‘The Guatemalan took advantage of an errant touch by a Toronto defender to draw the Fire level in the 64th minute.’
    • ‘He was a Guatemalan who worked at a farm in upstate New York.’
    • ‘Italians moved out of the neighborhoods and Latinos moved in, mostly Guatemalans and Hondurans.’
    • ‘They once spent months in Latin America, where they lived among indigenous Guatemalans.’
    • ‘They swapped cultural tips, and the Guatemalans shared their family history of harvesting orchids.’