Definition of Guarnerius in US English:



  • A violin made by a member of the Guarneri family of Cremona, Italy, during the 17th and 18th centuries.

    • ‘The chances of uncovering an original Guarnerius or Stradivarius in Australia are extremely slim.’
    • ‘Strads are described as sounding sweet and golden, while Guarneriuses are more dusky or earthy and sensuous.’
    • ‘Most authorities rank the Guarnerius violin second to the Stradivarius, although there are many who consider the Guarnerius
    • ‘Sure, a Stradivarius or a Guarnerius sounds good, but mainly it is much easier to play, especially if you're Heifetz.’
    • ‘The soloist, Alan Loveday plays articulately with his beautiful Guarnerius which seems to rival the best of the Strads in terms of sweet overtones.’