Definition of guardsman in US English:



  • 1(in the US) a member of the National Guard.

    • ‘It is present in the camouflaged armed national guardsmen who greet members of Congress each day we enter the Capitol campus.’
    • ‘As national guardsmen pounded Rebel buildings with artillery fire and guided missiles innocent civilians were caught in the turmoil.’
    • ‘At Duneen Mill in Greenville, South Carolina, for example, 425 national guardsmen were deployed to break up pickets.’
    • ‘Snapping power lines, firecrackers, and nervous, untrained police and national guardsmen caused much indiscriminate firing.’
    • ‘At Canal Street and the West Side Highway, emergency workers, national guardsmen, camera crews, citizens, and tourists were gathered.’
    • ‘When the fighting was over, two national guardsmen were dead, and 19 were wounded, along with two Iraqi policemen.’
    • ‘And in the meantime, a team of national guardsmen, FEMA, as well as state highway patrol troopers stand at the ready to respond as necessary.’
    • ‘A national guardsman charged with the murder of an Iraqi police officer has pleaded to a lesser charge of negligent homicide.’
    • ‘The camouflage Humvees were on every corner topped by national guardsmen.’
    • ‘Seven national guardsmen were killed in the attack.’
    • ‘They hold reserves, they hold national guardsmen.’
    • ‘By the end of the day, we had tallied only a few customers, mostly rescue workers and national guardsmen who needed to have their eyes irrigated of debris and their minor wounds dressed.’
    • ‘Likewise, a car bomb in Dura, Baghdad, killed 9 national guardsmen and wounded 20.’
    • ‘Among the thousands of rescue and recovery workers were more than 100 airmen, reservists and guardsmen wearing state and city police and fire fighting uniforms.’
    • ‘Although the national guard during Vietnam is quite - was quite a different institution than it is now, the fact is there are thousands of national guardsmen and women who are over in Iraq serving now.’
    • ‘We were told to stay off the street by long-suffering national guardsmen and women with southern accents, kids.’
    • ‘The national guard plays a critical role in homeland security, but tens of thousands of national guardsmen are now deployed overseas, supporting the global war on terror.’
    • ‘While chatting with some of the National Guardsmen, another guardsman approaches and informs us that a woman is in the middle of a stroke around the corner.’
    • ‘If this unjust policy remains in effect, this will be the longest deployment of guardsmen and reservists since World War II.’
    • ‘A car bomb on Saturday reportedly killed four national guardsmen, while clashes took place on Sunday between guerillas and US troops in the city's suburbs.’
    1. 1.1 (in the UK) a soldier of a regiment of Guards.
      • ‘The guardsmen, who are also crack paratroops, had been due to take part in a performance in front of the Queen.’
      • ‘The palace was floodlit, a full-size Royal Standard, usually reserved for state occasions, was flying and guardsmen in bearskins were on sentry duty.’
      • ‘These foreigners come here, drop notes of assignation into sentries' top-boots, pin fivers on to guardsmen's bearskins.’
      • ‘The West Yorkshire Regiment guardsmen were well prepared for the weather.’
      • ‘Hundreds of ex-servicemen suffering from Gulf War Syndrome could benefit after a former guardsman won a war pension over the condition in a ‘landmark decision’.’
      • ‘Branchflower, 20, a guardsman with the Irish Guards, was deployed’
      • ‘The growing rail network gave further guarantees that Paris would be defended; in June 1848 the new lines were already in use to transport soldiers and national guardsmen to Paris to defeat the rebels.’