Definition of guardhouse in English:



  • 1A building used to accommodate a military guard or to detain military prisoners.

    • ‘Still, there were over a dozen of them barracked in the new guardhouse at the gate to the estate.’
    • ‘This also applies to the abolition of guardhouses, already in our time.’
    • ‘His lie is uncovered by Barton, who happens to be a real Army captain, and he is jailed in the base guardhouse, where he tap-dances his time away.’
    • ‘So, the secret places - the quiet guardhouses we protect from view with vigilance and attitude, I will never see.’
    • ‘We came upon the ruins of what appeared to be old abandoned barracks and guardhouses, that no doubt had been sacked many a long age ago.’
    • ‘Two blasts struck the guardhouse, killing two of the three men inside.’
    • ‘A short distance away there were several barracks and guardhouses to either side.’
    • ‘‘The glove from the guardhouse is hers,’ I said.’
    • ‘Displayed on a wall of the small guardhouse was a saying of Bertolt Brecht.’
    • ‘In barracks sentries are usually furnished by the unit's guard, a detachment of soldiers on duty for a 24-hour period, who live in the guardroom or guardhouse.’
    • ‘It was rumored that prisoners in the guardhouse worked only eight hours per day, five days a week.’
    • ‘Inside a guardhouse in the compound, soldiers found more prisoners bound and blindfolded and showing evidence of abuse.’
    • ‘High city walls, while serving their primary purpose, were topped by guardhouses at regular intervals, soldiers and wardens patrolling its boundaries.’
    • ‘All of the guardhouses are locked or otherwise bar his entry.’
    • ‘They also were puzzled by the presence in the enclosed courtyard of a new glass-walled room that seemed to be a guardhouse.’
    • ‘On 7 September, resisting confinement in the post guardhouse, he received a fatal wound from a soldier's bayonet.’
    • ‘The guard details were marched to the guardhouse where the Guard Mount ceremony took place.’
    • ‘Soldiers were running in hordes to get out of the place, but Wolfe must have had accomplices - the walls were wreathed in sheets of flame taller than the guardhouses.’
    • ‘A few days later Papa, my sisters, Alexei, and I went down to the guardhouse, as some of our friends were on duty.’
    • ‘Breathless, he burst into the darkened interior of the guardhouse, and in his excitement, he was oblivious to the fact he had caught the captain fast asleep on his bunk.’
    prison, penal institution, place of detention, lock-up, place of confinement, correctional facility, detention centre
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    1. 1.1US A building accommodating a guard who controls entrance to the grounds of a house, housing development, school, or other facility.
      ‘the prestigious islands have opted for guardhouses, where the license plate numbers of visitors are copied down’
      • ‘Shrugging, Dave strode into the guardhouse and pressed the button that opened the automated gate.’
      • ‘These police also maintain small guardhouses at the entrances to several housing projects.’
      • ‘At the guardhouse on Washington Road, security personnel know the members by sight, and guests are held until a member comes to collect them.’
      • ‘The guard went inside the guardhouse, and the drawbridge slowly lowered.’