Definition of guard ring in US English:

guard ring


  • A ring-shaped electrode used to limit the extent of an electric field, especially in a capacitor.

    • ‘The guard rings around these sensitive pins or shielding will act as return paths for the leaking nano amps.’
    • ‘The first and second shielding layers may be connected to each other through a guard ring, and may also be connected to a common voltage potential.’
    • ‘Based on the equalizing effect by each of the guard rings, the respective devices arranged in the interior areas are more evenly matched to equivalent devices in far-spaced guard rings.’
    • ‘To provide these guidelines structural differences of existing guard rings and guard diffusions have been explored and the influence of the guard structure layout on CMOS latchup has been investigated.’
    • ‘The electronic circuitry biases the photo diode sensors and controls a guard voltage potential of the conductive guard rings.’