Definition of guard of honor in US English:

guard of honor


  • A group of soldiers ceremonially welcoming an important visitor or escorting a casket in a funeral.

    Also called honor guard
    • ‘At this strange proposal to give the pretty maiden a funeral party as a guard of honor, Arnold laughingly shook his head.’
    • ‘The two leaders shook hands warmly and then reviewed a North Korean guard of honor lined up to welcome Kim Dae Jung.’
    • ‘At Sligo, where it was escorted by a pipe band, it met another guard of honor, this one Irish, and lay in state for an hour before an enormous throng in front of the Town Hall.’
    • ‘The February High Court Criminal Assizes opened on Tuesday with the usual parade and guard of honor presided over by Justice Indra Hariprashad-Charles.’
    • ‘US President George W. Bush, accompanied by Prince Philip, reviewed a Royal Grenadier guard of honor at Buckingham Palace yesterday.’
    • ‘The ceremony ended shortly after 12.30 am without a shot, save for the blanks fired by the special police guard of honor.’
    • ‘Each was draped in a U.S. flag and met by a formal guard of honor, made up of representatives from each of the services from the Army and the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force, and carried in silence to awaiting vehicles.’
    • ‘The North Korea's assembly leader observed a guard of honor at the Government House before joining a welcome dinner hosted by the Thai premier.’
    • ‘Gusmao then inspected the guard of honor and bowed deeply to honor the two countries' national flags before having talks with Megawati.’
    • ‘After taking the oath as India's president for the next five years, he was driven the red-stoned Rashtrapati Bhavan (the presidential mansion), where he inspected a guard of honor.’
    • ‘The body was taken from the aircraft draped in an Australian flag with his beret on top, carried by the guard of honor, placed in a vehicle and taken away.’
    • ‘With any luck, they'll survive the upcoming war, and we can employ them as guards of honor, if that'd make you feel any better.’